Looking for Rehabilitation Protocols?  

It’s hard to stay on top of the current research and know how to progress your patients after a variety of different injuries and surgeries. There are so many different types of surgeries that can come into your clinic, each with their own subtle variations. Rehabilitation protocols are an important tool that you can use to:

  • Assure you are following the precautions and time restrictions based on the tissue healing time frames following injury or surgery
  • Know how fast or slow to progress a patient
  • Know if you are falling behind and assure people are making adequate progress
  • Know the criteria to transition to more advanced phases of rehabilitation

Have You Had These Questions About Rehabilitation Protocols?

  • What exercises should I perform at week 6 following a total knee replacement?
  • How does rehabilitation differ after a large or small rotator cuff tear?
  • How much range of motion should I have at week 8 following a SLAP repair?
  • How does rehabilitation differ based on using a patellar tendon or hamstring autograft during ACL reconstruction?
  • How does adding a subacromial decompression change your rate of progression after a labral repair?


Take the guess work out of how to progress your patients following an injury or surgery. AdvancedCEU has the latest rehabilitation protocols from Kevin Wilk, Mike Reinold, and James Andrews. Our protocols are backed by evidence and experience, being used in our own rehabilitation clinics everyday.


Rehabilitation Protocols by Wilk, Reinold, and Andrews

Kevin Wilk, DPT, Mike Reinold DPT, SCS, CSCS, and James Andrews, MD have created some of the most widely used, published, cited, and respected rehabilitation protocols based on exactly how they progress their patients. These are some of the same protocols that have been published in journals such as:

Rehabilitation Protocols Wilk Reinold Andrews

OUR NEWLY REVISED AND EXPANDED rehabilitation protocols are now fully online!  You can now access over 177 rehabilitation protocols that cover the most commonly seen injuries and surgeries. There are many variations based on surgical technique, concomitant procedures, and patient activity level. Many different types of rehabilitation protocols are included:

  • Postoperative rehabilitation protocols
  • Preoperative rehabilitation handouts
  • Nonoperative rehabilitation protocols
  • Exercise handouts
  • Interval return to sport programs

Now Completely Online

Our rehabilitation protocols are now completely online! You can access the protocols at anytime from any device connected to the internet. You’ll have the option to view, download, and print on demand.


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